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We strongly encourage you to subscribe to the Cybershooters forum if you are interested in shooting and preventing misguided politicians from taking your guns away from you.   Cybershooters caters mainly to shooters in the British Isles and the Commonwealth.  Some of the Frequently Asked Questions are below, together with sign-up  information:

  1. What is Cybershooters?
  2. Is the published material moderated or edited?
  3. How should I submit news or information to the forum?
  4. What is the alert list?
  5. How do I subscribe or unsubscribe from the alert list?

1. What is Cybershooters?

Cybershooters is a moderated forum with the following objectives: to distribute information which is relevant to the campaign against unreasonable UK and world-wide gun controls; to provide a co-ordination forum for UK and overseas shooters and shooting organisations; to disseminate other information of general interest to shooters and gun owners. Cybershooters is independent, neither owned by nor affiliated to any shooting organisation.

2. Is the published material “moderated” or edited?

Yes.  You should refer to the board rules for details of what type of messages are allowed on the forum, these are posted in the Administrative Forum.

3. How should I submit news or information to the forum?

Click here to go to the forumClick on register to create a new account, once created you can login and post messages to the forum.  If you do not create an account, you can still read messages posted in the forums that are not “members only”.

If you are having problems with the forum, or you have an urgent piece of information that you believe should be sent out on the alert list, contact the editor, whose address is

4. What is the alert list?

Cybershooters maintains an e-mail alert list for items of importance to shooters, such as important political developments which need to be acted upon immediately.  Please be aware that the e-mail list and forum are separate, if you are a member of one you are not a member of the other, you have to join both separately.  If you change your e-mail address, please remember to either subscribe using the new e-mail address or by changing your subscription details with Topica.  E-mail addresses that bounce e-mails will be immediately deleted from the alert list subscription list.

5. How do I subscribe to or unsubscribe from the alert list?

Enter your email address to join Cybershooters: 

Or alternatively, you can send email from the address at which you would like to receive Cybershooters alerts to <> with no subject and the command:

subscribe cybershooters

as the first and only line in the message body. You should receive a confirmation from the list server including a short version of this FAQ. To remove your address from this mailing list, send an email as above, but with the command:

unsubscribe cybershooters

If you have problems subscribing or unsubscribing, or would like to change your subscription to digest form, send email to the administrator.

(Please note that some e-mail services reject our mail as spam – you must change the settings to allow it through, i.e. allow e-mail from the domain: “”.)

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